Friday, November 16, 2012

36 Weeks

 It's hard to believe I'm only 4 weeks away from my due date.... especially considering I've never made it past 38 & 1/2 weeks. Every once in a while if I look at the calendar or really think about the time I have left to get prepared I sort of freak out a little.

Even though I'm getting uncomfortable carrying this little lady I am totally okay if she wants to hang in there until due date or even later. (I know, it sounds crazy!) The fact is, we are trying to get a major project completed before she gets here. If she comes early I doubt we will be done, but give us 4-6 weeks and I think everything will be ready. (It's a house project, okay? I'm sorry I'm keeping everyone in the dark about it! It's a little nerve racking.) Even if she does come early, it will all work out fine, it would just be nice to have the house stuff completed and out of the way.

Only half a smile because it's very windy outside and it's cold(ish).

On we go with actual pregnancy details. Yesterday I had an appointment... the not highly anticipated 36 week appointment (let's just say it was not just a weight and blood pressure check- more invasive). Anyhow! I didn't gain any poundage which shocked both me and my doctor (I've never not gained for an appointment), but there were no concerns about that. The nurse commented that I was "really looking pregnant" and I thanked her (I don't know why) and said that I was feeling really pregnant which made her laugh and have to retake my blood pressure.

The little rib jabber is still head down (and had better stay that way) and still in a pretty high station. Progression? Yes. (Not gonna go into detail here, ladies you probably know what I'm referring to.)  I am to see the doc in two weeks because unfortunately they will not be hosting a Thanksgiving party for all the preggy ladies next Thursday. At that appointment I will be one day shy of 38 weeks. (I bet I will have gained some weight at that checkup no thanks to pumpkin cheesecake.)

Still having lots of flamage which has caused me to wake up in the middle of the night and chug some milk and I waddle unless I'm in public and then I suck it up and walk normal. I think? I may have waddled through Target yesterday I really don't know. Oh, and a new one- snoring. I slept decently last night, but Tim claims I snored all night and he didn't sleep. I said "no way" and "now you know how it feels". (Love you Honey!)

I feel like I have rambled enough and it's time to hit the publish button and walk away. So I will do that. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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