Thursday, November 8, 2012

So Random

This week has been b-u-s-y! Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment, it was D's birthday and we had to truck it to our polling place to vote. Yesterday I took the kids to chapel (they did good), we met my mom in town so I could help her pick out some presents for D and then it was grocery shopping time. Yesterday I was thankful for my crock pot. I made shredded bbq chicken and all the kids liked it (it never ceases to amaze me when they ask for seconds at supper). The recipe is super simple- I used frozen chicken breasts (1-2 lbs) and poured half a jar of bbq sauce on top and set the crock pot to high for 5 hours. When 6pm rolled around I took out the chicken and it was really easy to pull apart/shred with two forks and I whipped up some mac & cheese for our side. We did add more bbq sauce to our sandwiches.

I've been living off of leftover spinach and cheese stuffed pasta shells since Tuesday night. They are so good! I also ate way more than my fair share of cupcakes this week. Oops.

I am finishing packing my hospital bag (still need a few items) and then I'll post that for those of you that are interested. (I'm sure there are many of you waiting on the edge of your seat for that one!)

Tonight my family is having a triple birthday party for D, my little sis and my dad (their birthdays are all in a row). I got in touch with my very limited crafty-mom side by taking a brown paper shopping bag and having Ry and Rose paint it so I could turn it into wrapping paper. I even went as far as cutting an aging apple in half so they could stamp stars (do you know about the star inside the apple?) but that didn't work out quite well. Well, the painting was great, the apple stamping was not. And now I need to sweep and throw the towels in the dryer so I can be done for the day.
Alrighty... adios.

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  1. I want to see one last bump photo before D-day!!! :)