Monday, April 30, 2012

weekend details (maybe too many)

Friday was Ry's birthday and it started with birthday doughnuts and a couple of presents. In the afternoon I let the kids play in the sprinkler and then they watched movies and ate some junk food. That was a bad idea. Around 10pm I had just checked on the sleeping kiddos and had spotted a gigantic scorpion in Rose's room. While T was introducing it to the bottom of his shoe we both heard a cough and splattering sound from the boys' room. I won't go into further detail, but D doesn't remember it happening (lucky) and junk food, juice and sweets were very limited the rest of the weekend. (He is fine, by the way.)

So, Saturday T had to go into work (they work one weekend a year and it's always the last weekend in April. So, always on Ry's and my birthday weekend.) Saturday was my birthday and all I asked was not to cook dinner. T got off work hours before I expected and came home with an awesome birthday present for me. A kindle. It is awesome. Highly recommend. We spent the afternoon chillin' and then took the kids to T's parent's house and we headed out to enjoy dinner. It was delicious, I had steak and lots and lots of potatoes. I didn't realize until I was picking at my broccoli that ordering Texas cheese fries for the app and then having loaded mashed potatoes as a side that I ate approximately ten pounds of potatoes in one sitting. Then in the car I totally embarrassed T by dancing (think Elaine from Seinfeld) at a red light to a wildly popular tune that came on the radio. (He doesn't even like the song and the next morning he purchased it from itunes for me. He's sweet like that.)

Oh, but I'm forgetting something. We were pulling into our driveway when Ry said his stomach was hurting and I didn't really think much of it and told him we were home and he was going to be fine. (I figured he just needed to go potty.) Instead of going into great detail here I'll just say he got sick. It was not a good night for him and I ended up sleeping on the couch with him at 4am. He is fine. I don't know what caused this but we were fully expecting Rose to follow suit, but she has been okay so far.

Sunday I made french toast which I've only made once before (and only eaten three times). It was perfect. If I had any energy right now I'd make some today for "brunch", but I have to save all my energy for a grocery run. Super excited about it. I better get going soon or I will end up at the grocery store at lunch time with three kids which is always so much fun. Okay, everyone have yourself a merry Monday!

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  1. Happy Birthday, hope everyone is feeling better!