Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Random Tuesday Tidbits

I bought a new nail polish yesterday and I love it. Not too pink, not too red. Rimmel London's English Rose and it's supposed to last 10 days. My sister recommended it to me since I am constantly abusing my hands and polish doesn't last past a day with me. I have only painted Rose's toes... it's adorable! I'm waiting to do my fingernails Saturday night.

It's muggy today. Overcast, humid and not much of a breeze. It's plain icky.

Tonight D has a t-ball game and I'm looking forward to some sno-cones. We have the early game so I'm making supper to go... not sure exactly what it will be, though. Hmm, better start brainstorming.

For once I have beat my mom at planting something! We bought tomato plants at the same time (the first week of March) and I planted mine just a few days afterwards. She was finally getting around to hers yesterday. She's been busy-busy lately. (Usually I'm the one that lets the plants sit in the plastic pots until they are ready to die before I try to plant them.)

I washed, dried and put away the one load of laundry I did this morning AND I have D's uniform all set out, T's coach's shirt and hat and all the t-ball gear ready to go. Now if I can get myself presentable and out of these, ahem, "workout clothes" I'll really be ready to go!


  1. oooooo thanks for the polish rec!

    I'm always buying the worst colors!!

  2. I have been buying the same general color just in various brands for years... cant wait to see a pic of this one so I can branch out!

  3. I am curious to know if the nail polish held up. I too am rough on the hands. = )