Thursday, April 19, 2012


Ry just walked out of his room (for the five millionth time) to tell me that he's "allergic to sleep". Oh, did you guess that it's nap time at my house? Right you are.

The only days I require every child to at least attempt to take a nap are the days that end with t-ball (or with Y... ha. ha.) Only two times this week. Yesterday I got nothing. Today looks the same. And it drives me a little crazy.

At least Rose is sleeping. A funny little story about her: This morning she darted outside like always and came back covered in dirt and I told her to take her dirty clothes off. Apparently she thought she was going to get a bath (one of her favorite things), but when I told her that bath time was a no-go she got a little angry and then went off to play. I assumed. A little while later she came back to where I was and she smelled lovely. At first I thought she found some lotion, but no, that was the smell of my perfume. She broke into my room and "freshened up". Smarty pants.


  1. apparently sleep allergies are real things... my daughter has it too... let this be a lesson to you to always indulge your children in baths... esp if they are the children that WILL nap for you... nice bartering tool if you ask me! ;)