Tuesday, April 10, 2012

our Easter weekend

I'm a little late to the Easter parade of posts, but here are a few pictures from this weekend.

I only took 100+ pictures on Easter and these are the best of each child. I should've handed the camera over to T because I spent most of the time helping Rose hunt for eggs. There's a lot of pictures of the backs of their heads.

We had a really nice weekend. Yesterday was back to back appointments at the eye doctor and a t-ball game. I spent most of my very few hours actually at home trying to find a missing red sock (for t-ball) and thankfully finding it shoved way under the couch.

Before I start trying to elaborate on other super exciting things like the fact that we ate leftovers I will bid you adieu.


  1. Cute kiddos.

    I meant to ask approx. how long you bake your bacon. I have serious over-cooking issues making bacon on the stovetop. Maybe baking will cure my bacon burning compulsion.

  2. Awww....they look like they were really enjoying themselves. We didn't do leftovers but I did do a quick fix dinner...totally cheated this year. = )