Friday, April 13, 2012

ten happy things friday

I've gotta brag on the mister, for he literally brings home the bacon (and ranch dressing).
I didn't even ask him to. He's just super sweet like that (and reads my blog).

I made Pad Thai with chicken this week and it's so good!

I've cleaned more in the last four hours than I have all week. That's actually sad, but when you have company coming over on short notice you sure can get things done that you didn't have time for before. 

My tomato plant has tiny green tomatoes all over it. So excited!

I cleaned Rose's room and we found a particular toy that had been missing. 
D had quite a revelation at the dinner table that night.
"I wonder if I cleaned my room if I would be able to find my train and car that are missing!"
And I was totally like, "YES. You should try that out."
And then he was like, "Yeah, maybe someday."

I just made spicy noodles for lunch. It's just spaghetti noodles with a mixture of balsamic vinaigrette, soy sauce and sriracha hot chili sauce, but it was tasty.

My house looks really different without toys all over the floor. 
I'm glad it's Friday
My boys have been playing so wonderfully today. 
When Rose grabs my face and pulls me really close so that our noses are touching and then giggles. 
I like those moments. 

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  1. i really do need to start doing this 10 happy things friday.... my stuff is a lot less exciting/positive than yours though... mostly things like "got a contraction strong enough to make me poop" or "turns out it wasnt a heart attack, just heartburn"