Monday, April 23, 2012

our weekend

Let's start with Friday. T's cousin, Matt, is getting married next month and decided to come out to the place to hang out (aka: have a very low key bachelor party). Unfortunately we don't have the accommodations for four extra people and so they headed out to a hotel and hung out there instead. They went all out and picked up pizza and talked. I'm not even kidding. T's friends are good guys.

Saturday was a low key day. I spent the day at home while T took D to t-ball practice and then worked on the lawn mower. T kindly picked up some Redbox movies and the kids were delighted to watch Hop. I made a coconut cream pie (not exactly from scratch, but close enough). T came home and we waited for SNL to come on, but to our dismay it was not what we were expecting (we thought Eli Manning was hosting, but instead it was a rerun) so we watched Ghost Protocol (WARNING: some scenes may be revealed, poorly) and I have never seen any of the Mission Impossible movies... Very much to my surprise I had death grip on T's arm during any scene that involved heights or scaling a building with weird grippy gloves that stop working 130 floors up. I actually liked it.

Sunday we went to church and Rose stayed in the nursery the whole service, which is a mighty big deal and I actually listened to the sermon. But, our church success was interrupted by the minor detail of our keys being locked in the car. So... while T broke into the car (with my brother who came by with a variety of tools and wire to help out) the kids ran around on the church/school's sports field. I thought it was pretty funny, but T didn't hold the same opinion. (Yes, we're getting some extra keys made. Yes, we lied and said someone was bring us a spare key... probably baffled the nice guy who helped us search for them in the church because why wouldn't the wife have the spare key?)

Later I tried to take a Sunday nap which was interrupted right as I was entering that sweet place of REM sleep (probably, not sure) by the rapid pounding of feet across the house. Then I spent the next two hours half asleep while managing my lovely three children. Eventually I was able to wake up and make pizza and watch C.A. I went straight to bed and slept incredibly soundly until I was woken by the sound of a siren (ambulance?) that sounded like it drove up to our house and stopped. It was nowhere to be seen when I finally forced myself out of bed to check things out. Strange.

It's Monday and I'm procrastinating, as usual. Anyone else with me?

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