Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend and a Monday

Over the weekend we went to Bass Pro Shop (we were going to go to Ikea, but the parking lot was full so we just kept driving) and had some pizza from a little joint we hadn't been to in oh, maybe 7 years. The kids loved Bass Pro and even Sam was pointing out the tracks on the floor and following them. I thought it was pretty cool, too. We managed to get out only buying 2 things (a pair of shorts and a shirt for me that I can't wait to wear when the weather is warmer!). We also watched the NFL games on Sunday. D is a big Broncos fan (he really likes Peyton Manning) so it was a big deal. Tim's dad came over and brought D a Broncos hat, socks and tumbler. He also brought Ry and Rose tumblers showing their support for their favorite baseball teams. D was so excited about the Broncos winning! He's so excited to watch the Super Bowl. 

As far as Mondays go this was a good one. Tim and I got up at 5am and did T-25. We decided over the weekend to start it again. I haven't run in about 3 months so it was a nice workout. When I got back home from taking the kids to school I cleaned up from breakfast and did a couple loads of laundry before heading to Hobby Lobby and the grocery store. I probably wandered through Hobby Lobby entirely too long, but I did end up buying a few things to hang on the walls. I don't have a strong decorating desire so I don't really hang pictures or anything until after living in a place for a couple of years. I finally hung up some pictures last year (2 years after moving in) and it still seems a little lacking. I want this house to feel homey and inviting and warm... so I have to start somewhere! Now if only I can figure out where I want to put them. Pinterest should be able to help with this, right? Ha.

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