Monday, February 1, 2016

It's warm and sunny

If I had to guess, I would predict that as an old woman I will enjoy talking about the weather very much. I don't know for sure, but I feel like 90% of my posts mention the weather. Sometimes it's not even worth talking about, however this weekend was like Spring and we enjoyed it as much as we could. Saturday Tim and I took a class and spent most of the day cooped up inside. Sunday we had a picnic (and I wore shorts in January) by the front stock tank. The kids had a great time wandering around and playing in their "house" they made out of fallen tree branches. It was really beautiful. 

Today I spent most of the day catching up on laundry. I was unusually busy away from the house last week and I've definitely realized I am not a great homemaker when I'm not home. Ha. So, I plowed my way through the overflowing baskets and heaps. I cleaned up our bedroom from the big bad paper monster.... So much got thrown away. 

Side note. I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo last May and it made a big difference for me. I have much less paper clutter and my clothes are more organized than ever before so I can find exactly what I'm looking for. I am on a mission this month to go through the kids' rooms and "tidy" them up, too. I did Marie Kondo their dressers, but I need to go through the toys now. That seems like a daunting task, but I've been reading some other blogs and it can be done, so I just have to get with it. 

It's getting late, so I better get some sleep if I think I'm going to get up at 5am to get my exercise on. Bueno noches or however it's spelled. 

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