Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tonsillitis Tuesday

I just put the kids to bed (except for D since he is finishing some homework). It is so quiet in the house right now. Ry was sick last week with tonsillitis and stayed home three days from school. Over the weekend the other three kiddos started showing some signs they might be getting sick, too.  So... I took them to the doctor this morning even though they seemed perfectly normal and just had swollen tonsils. D and Rose tested positive for it so it was no school for them. We came home and they did some reading and any school stuff we could do here. 

Sometimes the girls get along really well and sometimes they do not. Sam was really picky about where or how close Rose could be next to her and what toys she could play with (as if she has the sole authority over where people can go or what they can do). So there was a bit of 3 year old yelling and frustration today.  Bedtime was a little earlier tonight, thankfully, because by 6:30 those girls had had enough. 

Well it looks like D is almost done with his homework and Chef's Table is queued up on Netflix for me so I'm going to go zone out for a little while. Oh, look at that.... Sam has come out of her room completely undressed and very sleepy eyed. She is a strange and adorable little creature. Hasta maƱana. 

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