Thursday, February 28, 2013

trying thursday

Some days are tough.

Currently I am listening to Rose play in her room instead of napping, which will be a cruel punishment to me later because she's been very cranky all morning and it usually just gets worse if she doesn't nap. She did, however, come out of her room several times and at one point came over and said she needed to give me a kiss so she could go to bed. Afterwards she walked back into her room telling me, "It's okay Mommy, I'm going to be fine." I'm sure she will be, but will I?

Ry is eating his 12th meal of the day, but very kindly asked if I would like a "jelly tortilla" as well. No. No way on Earth would I like one, thank you.

Sam is being an angel and smiling at me when I seem to need it the most.


Apparently Rose has decided that she doesn't like me anymore. But she is 3 and delirious from not napping and really has no idea what she's saying so I'm not taking it to heart.

I think coffee might help this afternoon. I hope.


  1. How about Irish Coffee? That might help. :)

    I'm kidding.

  2. What a real family blog! I'd love to read along about your life as a mom to little kiddos. It's exhausting and wonderful at the same time, isn't it?

  3. Coffee is my lifeline these days...hang in there, mama!

  4. Can you tell I'm catching up on my Google Reader? lol
    I love how babies give you smiles just when you need it. It's like God's little reminder that things will be okay. :o)
    Anyway, I hope that coffee helped!