Friday, March 1, 2013

ten happy things friday

Tomorrow my family is getting together for breakfast and a coffee taste testing. I'm going to make pancakes and I'm bringing some coffee to try- it should be a lot of fun!

I made these asian chicken lettuce wraps a few nights ago and I really liked them! I did not follow the recipe to a "T", but they were still great.

More food happiness here... last night I really wanted some chicken parm, but didn't want the trouble of actually going through the process of making it. So I threw some frozen chicken breasts sprinkled with basil, garlic powder and s&p in the oven for 30 minutes. I pulled them out and spooned some jarred pasta sauce over them and topped with some shredded mozzarella and baked for another 20 ish mintues. They were so good! I told the kids it was "pizza chicken" and they gobbled it up saying that it was really yummy and they want me to make it again. Winning!

Sam is starting to "talk" more and it's great listening to her.


Well... I don't know what to really say, but Tim and I have been laughing at all the harlem shake videos.

My kids are really good. Maybe they drive me crazy sometimes, but I'm blessed.

The wind has been really strong this week and it's finally back to normal so that the kids actually want to be outside again.

Can you believe it's March already? I'm glad Winter is about over.

The weekend starts in 90 minutes. Yay! 

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  1. Totally drooling over here over those recipes! Can we come to dinner at your house ;o)
    Also, Sam is so stinking cute!!! More pictures!!!!