Friday, February 22, 2013

ten happy things friday

  1. Freshly brewed coffee in the afternoon
  2. Shiny new tires
  3. Family always close by to help
  4. A baby that can fall asleep on her own
  5. New black flats
  6. Seeing extended family last Saturday at a baby shower
  7. Hopefully getting a haircut this weekend
  8. Surprised that my kids tried and liked (sort of) their salad of baby spinach and white mushrooms. (Maybe it was the ranch dressing they really liked.)
  9. I want to make some cookies, but time is running out
  10. I still haven't figured out the Moby wrap (honestly I haven't tried it again), but have a different baby carrier that is super easy and Sam likes a lot. Makes the fussy afternoons much better.

1 comment:

  1. All good things! Except, I'm going to submit a complain - we need more baby pictures stat! :o)