Monday, December 10, 2012

Still here

and still very pregnant. We did have a false alarm Thursday night and went up to Labor and Delivery only to be sent home at 2am. I was afraid that would happen, but better safe than sorry. I was having contractions 4-6 minutes apart... they just weren't doing anything productive. My doctor reluctantly sent me home and told me to skip my appointment Friday morning and not worry about scheduling one for this week. (I'm calling on Wednesday if I don't have a baby by then.) Oh, and the nurses were really nice about the whole thing. Friday and Saturday I pretty much thought I was going crazy waiting. I have never felt like that at the end of a pregnancy before and I really don't ever want to feel that way again. Not to mention that we put everyone on alert and then all weekend Tim was fielding text messages and calls about our status. Definitely not doing that next time until I am for sure admitted and getting the epidural.

Now for the exciting news... D has his first loose tooth! It is so wiggly and I can't believe how excited we are about it. He had been very quiet all day yesterday and then finally revealed to Tim his tooth was loose (I think he was really nervous about it). Anyhow I need to let the tooth fairy know that she needs to be prepared to drop off a gift of some kind... anyone know how to get in touch with her?

I'm going to do some grocery shopping and just go on with life as usual. That's really the only way to stay sane right now. I would post a 39 week picture, but my camera is in the car right now... maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Adios for now.

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