Thursday, December 6, 2012


So... this is officially the longest I have been pregnant. I am not complaining! Honestly I know I have been so lucky to not ever have to see my due date pass without having a baby already, but yesterday I was so anxious for her arrival. Today I am content again with whenever she's ready. (Although I am very uncomfortable and delightfully irritable.)

Enough about that already. I started my Christmas shopping today. We spent a chunk of our time meandering around in the Christmas section at the store and I started getting that itch to decorate. I wanted to buy new ornaments and garland and lights and have a real tree.... I figure it's really just nesting and kept it to 3 ornaments; one for each of the kids. It just hit me that I should have bought one for the baby. Oh well. Plenty of time for that. Anyhow, my family draws names for Christmas and this year we have my brother and my dad to buy for. We also get a handy little list of things they want so I think it's going to be pretty easy. One asked for socks and the other wants honey roasted cashews.

I ordered the boys' big presents today which is really nice to have checked off the list. I'll need to get a couple of things for their stockings and I have Rose's present already stashed away. I really don't know what else to get them...

I guess that's it for now. I think I'm going to re-organize my hospital bag.

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  1. "very uncomfortable and delightfully irritable" - I love it! That is how I have felt today too!