Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I think I'm ready now

Last night I got really antsy and I hadn't been feeling myself all day, but here I am with baby still kicking my ribs. I had a lot of back pain which makes me a little bit nervous that this girl is face up. Rose was face up, but my labor did not seem any more painful than the others and I don't remember having any "back labor".

I think I may be nesting. Or maybe I just decided to be a productive grown up today. I have swept and mopped the floors, cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen, washed and dried the kitchen & bath rugs, made sure the kids' bag is packed, put away almost all of the laundry (except some socks and pjs), cleared off most of the junk that accumulates on the piano... Supper is in the crock pot (chicken & dumplings) and I have a strawberry cake baking.

Just waiting now....


  1. ah. oh my goodness ... maybe tonight's the night??

    you were productive today!!!!

  2. Too productive, it makes me tired!