Monday, May 21, 2012

Saturday (picture overload)

Saturday was a wonderful day. We drove into town and picked up donuts and sausage kolaches from the little donut shop for breakfast, indulged in Starbucks frappachinos (such a rare treat!) and took it all to the park for a picnic breakfast.

I told T to get me any kind of coffee with chocolate so he got a white chocolate mocha and chocolate cookie mocha (the latter was my favorite). We spent about an hour playing and then headed back home for a quick lunch and to get ready to head to the fair.

 The kids had the best time. We arrived just as the rides were starting so there were no crowds to wade through and practically no lines to wait in. Rose was just tall enough to ride almost all the rides and as you can see had a blast.
The kids loved the Ferris wheel (I feel quite the opposite since I am a fraidy-cat of heights) and the first time I just stayed on the ground and took their picture. T said the kids were standing up looking over the sides and thought it was great. They weren't scared at all. I was roped into riding it since we needed to use up the last of our tickets before we left and you'll see in the following pictures how big of a baby I am.
The first picture is what T called my "death grip" on Rose's leg. In all the pictures of me on the Ferris wheel I'm either looking straight down or straight at the camera. I did take in the view for a few minutes and it actually made me feel a little better.  At least to where I was able to smile. 

top: I finally crack a smile while holding tightly onto Rose's shorts because T is making fun of me.
middle: Laughing at myself and relieved that the toddler will sit down and stop trying to crawl over the sides of the bucket.
bottom: Rose has officially had it with the mother who won't let her have ANY fun.

The boys said it was the best day ever. It really was a wonderful day. I wouldn't change a thing about it. Well, I might apply some sunscreen to my face, but otherwise it was perfect. I can't wait to do this again next year!

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  1. Highly sweet. I like the pictures of you on the ferris wheel! :) That's how I look at the thought of driving in Austin.