Thursday, May 17, 2012

Random Thoughts on Thursday

I just ordered an umbrella for my Goddaughter (for her birthday). She lives in the desert. Apparently she really wants one so I rationalized this gift with the thought that it would act as a parasol. It's also one of the cutest umbrellas ever. She is also sort of into cars and trucks right now and of course I jumped on that and am sending her the coolest two race cars I could find. One for her and one for her sister. I really wanted to get one for Rose. Can you believe I almost didn't purchase them because the company was so "green" that there is a recycling logo on the hood of the cars? It felt a little over the top to me. (ha!)

I can't stop eating Cheez Its.

I made waffles for lunch. Because I can!

Rose doesn't have a swim suit for this summer and I have found some super cute ones on line. Here and here.  I think I  will probably end up purchasing it in store so I can be sure of the sizing.

This weekend we are going to try to go to the fair and rodeo in town. Kids under 10 are free! I am excited at the possibility of getting a funnel cake and some bar b q. Yes, I'd really go for some bar b q right now.

What am I going to make for supper?

That a good question considering T will be home in about an hour.

Wait, an hour? oh... way behind on my schedule. Adios!

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