Monday, May 14, 2012


T's cousin got married on Saturday. T was the best man and D was the ring bearer. (Well, D was one of two ring bearers... he was accompanied by a younger little boy who supplied a hearty chuckle for everyone while he sprinted past D down the aisle.) While I have zero pictures from the wedding actually with me (all the pictures we took are on T's phone... obviously with him and not me today) I did manage to get some of our down time.

Friday night was rainy, but luckily we were inside eating fajitas at the rehearsal dinner during the worst of it. This was the view from our hotel room.

Saturday after the wedding and reception T's dad and brother took D swimming in the hotel pool while we stayed behind at the reception where I finally learned to two step, watched people dance, danced with T and ate more than my share of cake. When we got back to the hotel D had just finished "swimming" and was exhausted!
Sunday we got up and started making arrangements to pick up the groom's tux to return it and tried to decide where to eat breakfast. It was quite a morning. While we waited for things to be sorted out between everyone we went up to the terrace on the top floor of our hotel and took some pictures.

We finally got things figured out and checked out of the hotel. We drove over to meet T's cousin and collect the rest of the tuxes when I realized I had left my Kindle somewhere in our hotel room. Thankfully we were still only blocks away and I was able to call and security went and found it. It was 11:45 by that time and breakfast had not been eaten. D and I were snacking on granola bars and chex mix in the car.

Eventually we found the Men's Warehouse but we were missing a garment bag so we waited some more for one of the groomsmen to bring it over. While we waited we found a place to eat.
 Five Guys! Their burgers are awesome and so are the Cajun fries! We all left with bellies full and feeling good.  Then we dropped off the tuxes and finally left Houston!

And one more picture of me and D.

I still have to finish unpacking our things and figure out something for supper so I better sign off and get a movin'.

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