Thursday, March 10, 2016

some nice days

It's March and the weather is very Spring-like here. The trees are putting out leaves and plants are starting to flower and home improvement stores are luring me in with all the beautiful colors and sales. I love Spring. It has rained the past 2 days and I am so glad that I didn't get around to planting any seeds yet. They would have been washed away for sure! Maybe this weekend it will dry out enough to get everything planted.

This week has been busy. More time than usual at the school visiting the kids at lunch and then tomorrow I'm going with them to an all school field trip. And then it's Spring Break! We don't have any plans yet, and probably won't do anything too big. I might take the kids somewhere nearby for a day trip sort of thing.

After many years of wanting to try to make sourdough breads I am finally brave enough to try it! I ordered a book all about sourdough that has a nice variety of recipes. Unfortunately it has been delayed in getting here by a few days and of course after such a long time of waiting to try my hand at something new now that I've set my mind on it I am impatient to finally begin. I would really like to document the process here. I also need to get my real camera out so I and add pictures to this words. Blogs are always better with pictures.

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