Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It's Summer

It's the first week of summer vacation here. The kids got out of school Thursday afternoon, although Friday was supposed to be their last day (just a half day) but it was cancelled due to flooding. Again. Tim surprised me for Mother's Day with a trip to San Antonio with my friend Holly. We stayed in a hotel right on the Riverwalk and got a morning at the spa, too. It was so nice! We had the best time and talked, shopped, and ate delicious food. And walked! We waked so much that we had no regrets about all the chips and salsa we ate. I came home Saturday night feeling so refreshed. And so thankful for such a wonderful husband and such sweet kids.

Tuesday the kids and I were pretty lazy, but had Rose's kindergarten graduation to go to in the evening. Of course it rained as we left and just poured down as I got to the school. (It had already been postponed twice due to rain/severe weather.) As soon as everyone had trudged through the down pour and got sufficiently soaked it stopped and was a pretty nice night. I am so proud Rose. She worked really hard this year and learned so much. It was a difficult beginning with getting her to sit down and read through her readers and practice her memory homework. Man, the beginning of the year was rough on all of us. I'm glad for summertime.

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