Wednesday, January 30, 2013

what-what wednesday

So... a little glimpse into what's been going on around here:
That's our septic line. It's gross. It was clogged and now it's not. It was also broken and now it's not. Also, family and friends that enjoy the driveway... um, this was the driveway and now it's not. Your route is being recalculated.

In other news and not related at all to the above crap, D and I went on a field trip yesterday. We saw a play in College Station (not a fan.... \m/), BUT it was fun and I have to say that the people were friendly. As usual. I got to hang out with a few other moms and I have to say that they were awesome. I really had a good time. So did D. And he was, as usual, the most well behaved child and totally made me look like an awesome parent. 

Sam is growing more everyday. She's smiling and "talking" to us and is just the sweetest baby.

Well, I have to get moving again. It's time for cookies and picking up my biggest boy and getting a sleeping Rose in the car.


  1. You're a busy, busy mama!
    That's a stinker (probably literally) about the septic tank. I remember when that happened at my parents house while growing up and it being a huge pain in the neck. Glad it's fixed though!

    And way to go D for being awesome! That's always great when they make you look good :o) And Sam, oh my! What a smile!

  2. Can I just tell you that I'm loving your photography. What camera are you using? Things are looking good, although I don't think it's ever possible to make a septic line look good. Poor you.

  3. Were you not a fan of College Station or the play?? I want to find some plays to take KK to see.