Tuesday, January 15, 2013

one month

Sam turned a month old yesterday. It seems like she's been with us forever, but at the same time like we just brought her home. Time is moving way too fast.

Some things to remember about this month:
  • sleeps for long stretches at night (4-5 hours)
  • if she wakes up in her car seat she lets us know immediately that she wants out!
  • eats every 2-3 hours
  • naps best swaddled or laying on her belly
  • uses a paci to fall asleep/soothe
  • hiccups, hiccups, hiccups 
  • is already spoiled (even though experts claim newborns can't be spoiled). She cries if we put her down while she's awake and is content as can be while we hold her. She loves to be talked to.
  • sleeps through the majority of her siblings' noise
  • smiles and coos 
  • has been out and about... church, school, Ikea, to the grandparents' houses
  • fell asleep during her first bath
  • is a mostly happy baby
Oh, I forgot! Sunday while I was grocery shopping with the masses.... Miss Advanced held her own bottle.

I think we'll keep her!


  1. Holy cow, that top picture is the cutest photograph known to man! She's fantastic.

  2. Precious angel! Mary liked her belly too when she was small. I know they say on the back, but....well, sometimes babies have acid, okay??? :)

  3. She is just so stinkin' precious! I think my favorite tidbit was how she fell asleep during her first bath - too cute! It must have just been so relaxing!