Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just a regular Thursday

I drink a cup of coffee every afternoon around 2. So, that's what I'm doing right now. Sam is napping and Rose is playing some abc game on my phone while Curious George plays on the TV. Even with the noise of the TV and the game I consider this quiet and it's nice to just sit down and drink my coffee in relative peace.

I've thought about this little blog often and think it's time to try it again. I keep saying that and not doing it, but I just find other things that need to be done. However, I really like being able to look back at my old posts and see what was happening- it's like a journal. I've tried to journal before and it never works out, so I'm going to try it here.

Today I took the boys to school. Tim usually takes them to school, but Thursdays are my days because he has an early conference call at work. We are no strangers to having to find things (glasses, library books, coats, the other shoe!) at the last minute before we leave. Today it was Ry's glasses. (Oh! That reminds me, he lost a tooth while he was asleep last night and we couldn't find that either... it's possible he swallowed it. I guess he has to write a note to the tooth fairy.) So, we couldn't find his glasses. We left without them and I was so frustrated. I kept remembering that he had popped the lens out on the way home from school yesterday and I had fixed it in the car and handed them back to him. I searched the car, I tore apart the boys' room, looked in random places with no luck. Finally I remembered that I had thrown a bunch of junk mail and old church bulletins in a grocery bag that was trashing up the car and thought I should check it. I opened that bag (that I would have tossed in the garbage can this morning if we had left early) and there were his glasses. I'm just relieved I found them and they weren't broken.

I think I mentioned in a post a while back that I started doing all my housework stuff before noon. It worked really well until school started and things got chaotic. Last week I started back to that schedule and it has been good. I also finally took Tim's advice (after many years of him suggesting this) and paired down our plates, bowls and cups to one per person and the others are packed away. Everyone is in charge of washing their own stuff after meals (except Sam). I usually wash the kids' breakfast dishes (unless they are really on the ball), but it has made kitchen clean up much easier for me.

Sam is up from her nap and I'm getting ready to pick up the boys. Adios for now.

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